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The Unseen Virtue of Brass: Door Knobs That Sanitize Themselves

Rarely does one ponder the doorknob beyond its utilitarian purpose of facilitating access. Yet, within the realm of brass doorknobs, a hidden function quietly thrives—one that champions hygiene in the spaces we frequent.

Brass, the chosen material for these unassuming fixtures, harbors an extraordinary quality: the inherent power to vanquish bacteria. Extensive research has unveiled brass’s self-disinfecting prowess, a quality that plays a pivotal role in thwarting the proliferation of germs upon frequently touched surfaces. This remarkable trait endows brass doorknobs with an unexpected utility, making them an ideal choice for environments frequented by children or characterized by high foot traffic. In this unobtrusive alloy, we find an unsung hero, diligently working to sustain cleaner and healthier living spaces, all while quietly turning the wheels of accessibility.

However, the allure of cheaper alternatives like stainless steel and plastic has grown, potentially increasing the proliferation of germs. For those who prioritize a germ-free home environment, a prudent consideration would be to invest in brass doorknobs.

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