Top 12 Human Foods That Cat Can Safely Eat



You sit down on the sofa to relax and enjoy a delicious snack. A few moments later, your cat curls around your legs and begs for a piece of your treat with a sweet meow. Although you’d love to give some away, you say no because you know your treats are bad for your cat.

Or do you?

Not only can “human food” be completely safe for cats, but some of your purchases can be good for them. Discover some harmless staples to share with your favorite cat:

12. fish


Even if you don’t want your kitty to eat from the fish tank, feeding fatty fish like tuna or mackerel can be good for their vision, joints and brain.

11. meat

Poultry, beef and other meats are a natural option for your small carnivore. Cooked poultry is the best choice. Avoid meats that are high in sodium, such as cured meats or ham, as too much salt can be toxic to cats.

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